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12 volt Roller Starters.

Bike Starters

Due to torn tendons in my shoulder I can only make starters on an order basis, we are not taking orders through the web site, so please send me an email if you are interested, the waiting time is about 1 month. The prices are 2.2kw starter $995.00 and 2.5kw starter $1075.00 plus freight. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have now had another ultra sound on my shoulder and the news is not good, it could take months to heal, and even then there may not be enough strength to do serious work, therefore I am only working part time.

So unfortunately I have decided to sell Bikestarters.

The business could be run as a part time profitable side line, or as a stand alone business.

If you are interested send an email to info@bikestarters.com.au or give me a call on 03 97961383.

Thanks, Barry


        Easy to use mobile starter for race and classic bikes, twin roller 12 volt starter with a powerful 2.2kw starter motor.

And now our new improved models will also start Moto Cross and Enduro bikes. This starter is suitable for small to mid range bikes and you may have trouble starting big bore two strokes if the ignition and carburation are not in good condition.

For bigger bikes use our 2.5kw high performance starter.


The manufacturer of bike starters Barry Smith has just released his autobiography. It is titled "Whispering Smith" and you can order it at www.barrysmithbook.com.au

12 volt roller starter

12 Volt Twin Roller Starter

  • This is a 12 volt roller starter with both rollers driven, this gives extra grip and makes the bike easier to start, although your ignition and fuel system must be in good order, it is no use trying to start a bike on rollers that you can not start on the kick starter, or by push starting. Constant trying to start and continually running the starter with a poor starting bike will only overheat the starter motor.
  • Both rubber rollers are tapered to the center so the rear wheel of the bike centers its self.
  • Fitted with a powerful 2.2 kw heavy duty high torque starter motor.
  • It has a plug in lead with a foot starter switch for 1 man operation.
  • The rear caster wheels allow the starter to be wheeled anywhere.
  • Total weight of only 16 kilograms so can be sent anywhere in Australia by courier, or overseas via air freight. Freight costs are calculated at checkout depending on your location.
  • 12 volt battery fits into the rear cradle, battery not included in price.
  • The battery we recommend is an ACDelco 22F520SMFDF or any equivalent.

Each starter now comes with a free Barry Smith autobiography "Whispering Smith"  The book has been acclaimed as one of the best records of racing in Europe during the 1960s. There are over 300 pages depicting Barry's amazing career of 25 years in the exciting world of motorcycle racing, during which time Barry won 2 World Championships and became Australian Champion on two occasions.

It's an amazing read!